SGA Vote General Information

The SGA election begins on Monday, February 12th, with a 6-week discussion period. A one-week voting period follows, beginning on Monday, March 26th and ending on Sunday, April 1st.
There are a total of 25 votes divided into 4 sections:
1) GPCA Elections  (3 items)
2) Ballot Measures (5 items)
3) Statewide Races (9 items)
4) Bylaws Interpretations and Bylaws Amendments (8 items)

Note that this current process is a temporary replacement SGA voting system that will function very much like the one used before. This new process needed to be developed because the new SGA Vote Administrators were not provided access to the existing voting system by prior administrators. In addition, the prior system was not updated with the delegates for the term ending June 30, 2018.

Shortly after the March 9th filing deadline, the names and websites of candidates who qualify for the ballot will be posted to each of the links on this page.

Thank you for your participation in the Standing General Assembly.

SGA Vote Administrators:
Victoria Ashley, Solano County
Brian Good, Santa Clara County
Laura Wells, Alameda County

SGA Vote Admin Alternates:
Eric Brooks, San Francisco County
Mike Goldbeck, San Diego County