County issues as discussed & decided by County Green Party members during Green Assemblies. 

Support for Single-payer healthcare for all

Strengthening Environment Protections
Stop Fracking
Stop use of Toxic Pesticides in Valley Farms
Nuclear Decontamination (Fukushima and Laurence Livermore Labs)

Protect Public Education
Support Public Schools
Teachers Unions and School Employee Unions
Free College
Abolish Student Debt

Criminal Justice Reform
Economic and Racial Justice
Fair and Equal Punishment
End Systematic Racism and Oppression

Housing & Wages
Housing costs causing "forced migrations"
Rent Control
Preventing Homelessness
Push and support "Right to Rest" 

Electoral Reform
Publicly Funded Elections
Ranked-Choice & Instant Run Off Voting

Policy Reform
Support for a Fair and Equal Process
Support Dreamers

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