GPCA endorsement for Controller

Ranked Choice Vote ID 148
Ranked Choice Vote GPCA endorsement for Controller
Number of Seats 1
Ranked Choice Vote Administrator Victoria Ashley, Brian Good, Laura Wells, Eric Brooks, Mike Goldbec

02/12/2018 - 03/25/2018

Voting 03/26/2018 - 04/01/2018
Voting ends at Midnight Pacific Time

Presens Quorum



Mary Lou Finley, Peace & Freedom Party


The content of statewide races will depend on which candidates officially qualify to be on the California June 2018 Primary Ballot.  



This item is for the GPCA to consider endorsements for Controller in the June 2018 primary election. To be eligible for GPCA endorsement, one must be a candidate for Controller who has officially qualified to be on the CA primary ballot by the time of the SGA vote (voting period starting March 26th).  

According to GPCA Bylaws 7-4 Endorsements ( 03#Section_7-4_Endorsements), a GPCA position to endorse a candidate shall require a 2/3 vote. For each eligible candidate for Controller there will be a choice to rank that candidate ‘endorse’, ’oppose’, ‘no position’; and/or ‘abstain’. Delegates can rank as many or few of these options in their order of preference. An ‘abstain’ vote means the voter is not expressing a preference, but is voting to help achieve quorum. Any of the positions that receive 2/3 after all preferences are transferred is the position of the GPCA about that candidate. If neither ‘endorse’ nor ‘oppose’ receive 2/3, the GPCA’s position will be ‘no position’.

The process of voting to ‘endorse’, ‘oppose’, ‘no position’ and/or ‘abstain’ will be done separately for each eligible candidate.

This endorsement procedure is established by the bylaws interpretation proposal ID #154, which is concurrently being discussed and to be voted on (see This endorsement process will be voided if the SGA does not confirm that bylaws interpretation.

During the discussion period, the field of prospective candidates will be narrowed down to only those candidates who will have officially qualified to be on the June Primary ballot by the time of the SGA voting to begin on Monday, March 26.  


Candidate Information

Controller:                Mary Lou Finley, Peace & Freedom Party

Candidate statements, websites, and contact info in the official voter information guide for the above candidate(s) can be found between page 34 and page 71 here:


Each eligible candidate will be considered separately for endorsement, with the options being to:



No Position




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